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Super Protocol and Gcore are excited to announce a joint campaign promoting our partnership for the launch of Testnet Phase 2. This collaboration is designed to showcase Super Protocol’s first-ever decentralized, confidential hosting and tunneling network protocol. As the first in the world to enable hosting in a confidential computing environment, this campaign will illustrate how Gcore’s infrastructure and technology, such as Intel SGX 2.0 enabled CPUs, contribute to the highest performance, stability, and availability standards for confidential computing.

The campaign will highlight the benefits of the Gcore Cloud, including competitive pricing for customized bare-metal machines, a pay-as-you-go plan, and no setup fees. By highlighting Gcore’s exceptional capabilities and Super Protocol’s innovative approach to confidential computing, the campaign will effectively demonstrate the value of their collaboration and its potential to revolutionize the Web3 ecosystem.

Gcore is a renowned global leader in various technological solutions, such as public cloud and edge computing, content delivery, hosting, and security. Headquartered in Luxembourg, Gcore operates offices in Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Cyprus, and Georgia. The company offers infrastructure services to prominent entities across multiple industries, including TEDx, Saber Interactive, Bandai Namco, Wargaming, and Avast. With a presence on six continents, Gcore effectively manages its own worldwide IT infrastructure. Its network comprises over 140 points of presence in reliable Tier IV and Tier III data centers worldwide. Since 2014, Andre Reitenbach has served as the CEO of Gcore.

Total Reward Pool: 90.000 TEE
Platform: Galxe
Start Date: 5/15/2023

Here is the description of the tasks of the campaigns:

[Basic] Super Protocol x Gcore NFT is valued at 50 TEE, [Advanced] Super Protocol x Gcore NFT is valued at 100 TEE and [Pro] Super Protocol x Gcore NFT is valued at 300 TEE.

To be eligible for the [Basic] Super Protocol x Gcore campaign, you will need to

✅ Follow the Gcore and Super Protocol Twitter profiles.

✅ Like 1 Gcore and 1 Super Protocol post.

✅ Retweet 1 Gcore and 1 Super Protocol post.

✅ Visit Gcore and Super Protocol websites.

To be eligible for the [Advanced] Super Protocol x Gcore campaign, you will need to

✅ Come to AMA Twitter Space on May 25 at 2 pm UTC and listen for at least 20 minutes.

✅ Retweet 1 Gcore and 1 Super Protocol post.

✅ Follow the Gcore and Super Protocol Twitter profiles.

✅ Visit Gcore and Super Protocol websites.

❗ Galxe has technical limitations on who they can count as an AMA session listener. Be warned.

🔹 Only participants that log in Twitter accounts can be captured.

🔹 Only participants that attend the Twitter space using mobile will be captured.

🔹 Host and speakers can not be captured.

🔹 Due to Twitter restrictions, we can only issue this credential to at most 1000 participants. The longer they listen, the more likely they can get the credential.

To be eligible for the [Pro] Super Protocol x Gcore campaign, you will need to

✅ Authorize on Gcore. The email must be the same in both your Galxe and Gcore accounts. Otherwise the user will not be verified for further participation. Be warned.

✅ Pay for any Gcore Basic configuration for at least 1 month. You may pick the simplest configuration for 3.7 euro per month to be eligible. Verification can take up to 72 hours, if it has been longer, open a ticket on Discord and our Community Managers will help resolve it.

✅ Fill out Google form. Please fill out the form only after you have actually purchased any Gcore Basic configuration.

✅ Fill out Super Protocol Testnet Phase2 Typeform.

✅ Follow the Gcore and Super Protocol Twitter profiles.

✅ Visit Gcore and Super Protocol websites.

What to do:

  • Complete pretty simple tasks and receive NFT/NFTs on Galxe.
  • Claim your TEE tokens right after TGE in the equivalent of the value of NFTs received by completing the Campaigns.
  • Play a key role in Super Protocol and Gcore communication and growth by maintaining Super Protocol and Gcore recognition and awareness while earning TEE tokens.


1. We will randomly select 1 participant from the owners of [Pro] Super Protocol x Gcore Partnership NFT to be rewarded with the grand prize from our partner Gcore — a promo code for 300 euros on any Gcore products.

🔸 The winner will be determined within a week after all 100 NFTs will be minted.

🔸 The promo code can only be used for the products and services of Gcore.

2. After successfully completing a campaign of several simple tasks — you will be able to claim an NFT on the Galxe Platform. You can get 3 different NFTs, one in each campaign.

❗ Make sure to check back on the [Pro] Super Protocol x Gcore Partnership Campaign after around 72 hours to ensure you qualify. It’s worth noting that we typically have more participants than available NFTs, so pay close attention and don’t forget to return and check. If you have any questions, feel free to join our Discord server and ask away.

3. Each NFT has its value in $TEE equivalent.

4. You will be able to claim your $TEE tokens according to the value of your NFT right after TGE, counting the Reward Pool Vesting Schedule.

5. After the Super Protocol x Gcore Partnership Campaign ends you will have the following rewards:

  • Super Protocol x Gcore NFT/NFTs;
  • TEE tokens;
  • A lot of fun and skill-set growth as well.

6. Each NFT has its unique rarity and TEE value depending on the quest and its campaign level and complexity.

Rarity Types:

Basic (1 NFT / 600 copies) — [Basic] Super Protocol x Gcore Partnership Campaign.

Advanced (1 NFT / 300 copies) — [Advanced] Super Protocol x Gcore Partnership Campaign.

Pro (1 NFT / 100 copies) — [Pro] Super Protocol x Gcore Partnership Campaign.

Program Duration:

The program is designed to be suitable for anyone, no matter if you have programming skills or not. ‘Super Protocol x Gcore Partnership Campaign’ on Galxe will last until all NFT will be claimed.

❗ Important


You will be able to claim $TEE after TGE according to each NFT valuation in $TEE which is specified in this guide.

Moreover, when you receive the NFT on Galxe, you will be able to view it on any NFT marketplace and even set a price in MATIC for sale.

However, it is better to keep it until TGE, since only the initial NFT owner will be able to claim $TEE tokens when TGE.

We encourage all participants to take advantage of this opportunity to earn rewards while helping to further the development of the Super Protocol.

So what should I do next?

  1. Join Galxe With Your Metamask.
  2. Follow Super Protocol on Galxe.
  3. Choose a Campaign for yourself among the listed Quests here.
  4. Perform the Campaign Tasks, and submit them.
  5. Receive NFT.
  6. Hold NFT until Mainnet Launch then claim TEE tokens after the TGE.

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Galxe Platform

Super Protocol Testnet Phase2 Program is powered by Galxe. Galxe is the leading Web3 credential data network in the world. A collaborative credential infrastructure enabling brands and developers to engage communities and build robust products in Web3. We have chosen Galxe for its functionality, which covers all of our tasks and quests, tangled into our Bounty Program and UX, which is really perfect for the end user.

Here is the short guide on how to join Galxe:


  1. Go to the website https://galxe.com/ and click the ‘Connect Wallet’ button

2. Choose the wallet, to which you want to receive NFT and connect that wallet.

3. Complete a short registration — make up a username.

4. Afterwards, sign the changes.

In order to make it easier to pass the tasks, we recommend linking email, Twitter and Discord accounts in advance. Go to settings and verify your accounts.

To connect the email you will need to write a code that will come in the email.

To connect your Twitter account you will need to publish the post generated by the Galxe and then insert the link to the post.

To connect the Discord account just give the bot permission and click ‘Authorize’.

And now we can definitely get to do the tasks. ⚡️

If you got any questions or suggestions — contact us in Discord right away


>>> Join Now on Galxe <<<

Gcore is a leading international provider of public cloud and edge computing solutions, as well as content delivery, hosting, and security services. With a global IT infrastructure spanning 6 continents and a worldwide response time of 20–30 ms, Gcore’s network includes over 140 points of presence in reliable Tier IV and Tier III data centers, boasting a total capacity of more than 110 Tbps. Gcore’s cloud solutions are powered by the robust and powerful Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

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Super Protocol is a decentralized protocol that seamlessly facilitates interactions between applications and data running in confidential computing environments, smart-contracts, blockchains and decentralized storages. Importantly, Super Protocol is built as hybrid on/off-chain computing, meaning while the heavy lifting is done in confidential computing environments, the orders are orchestrated by smart-contracts on-chain — it’s a seamless integrated workflow that is managed by an algorithm, not manually by humans. In simple words, Super Protocol is on a mission to become the unstoppable and uncensored computing backbone of Web3.

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