Intro: How to Get Invited to Super Protocol Testnet

  1. Fill out the application form and let us know on Discord — a short intro of your project and your plans on using confidential computing
  2. Receive an invitation letter with the details of your testnet account
  3. Follow the instructions in this manual
  4. You’re awesome! Start building with Super Protocol Testnet.

Getting Started With SP Testnet

  1. An account with an Access Token (received in a confirmation letter)
  2. MATIC and TEE tokens (you can receive testnet tokens using Web UI or CLI)
  3. Metamask browser extension
  • Web User Interface. An easy-to-use web application for those who want to quickly try out solutions already deployed on the protocol. It allows you to use your own data, but it does not support deploying your own solutions.
  • Command-line Interface (CLI). A powerful tool for developers who want to try deploying their own solutions and leverage the full functionality of the protocol. Right now SP Testnet supports Python script execution.
  • Solution — here you can pick a script that you want to execute using TEE. Right now there are several pre-made solutions (let us know if you want more and which ones exactly).
    Select one of the solutions deployed on the protocol. To learn more about a particular solution click on the link in the description. A base image that is used by the solution will be added automatically and cannot be removed.
  • Data — your script should process something, so add the dataset.
    If you want to use one or several datasets available on the protocol, then fill in this field. If you want to use your own data, then leave it empty.
  • Storage — where should we upload the output.
    Select storage offer that will be used for temporary storing calculation results.
  • TEE provider node. Select the one that will be doing the calculations from the list of available nodes. If several nodes are available, then it would be wise to pick the one with the least active orders.
  • File — add your own data and see if it would work!
    Upload a new file with the data that you want to process. Note that the data format must match the requirements of the solution. Check the solution description if not sure.
  • Encryption passphrase that would be used to encrypt the order results.
    You will not be able to access the results if you lose it. You can either generate the passphrase or use your own.
  • Deposit in TEE tokens that would be used for payments.
    It is calculated automatically and could be increased. Note that only the necessary amount will be used, you will be able to withdraw the rest after the order is completed.



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