Super Protocol Airdrop Phase 1
[5,000 USDT + $2,500 in tokens Giveaway Guide]

1. Follow the link to see the list of what we want you to do.

2. Check out our website and find an answer to the question.

3. Follow @super__protocol on Twitter.

4. Join @superprotocol_official on Telegram.

5. Join Super Protocol Discord Server.

6. Retweet the news about the upcoming Super Protocol Testnet.

7. Introduce yourself in our Telegram chat.

8. Say hello on our Discord.

9. One more task will become available to you! This one is easy.

10. Take a short survey.

11. Something extra!

12. Write a unique tweet.

13. Ask an interesting question.

14. Create a meme.

15. And that’s it!



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