Super Protocol Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program


What to do:

  • Grow and evolve the Super Protocol community alongside the Team.
  • Continuously follow Super Protocol’s recent updates and attend events.
  • Enlighten and Educate the Web3 community about Super Protocol and the importance of Confidential computing for Web3.
  • Play a key role in Super Protocol communication and growth by maintaining Super Protocol recognition and awareness.


  1. Monthly rewards — $TEE tokens for accomplishing monthly goals.
  2. Result-based bonuses — Receive extra $TEE for completing all the goals.
  3. Promotional rewards — Receive a Discord Badge every new level and special NFTs after reaching a new level of trust or being at the same level for not less than 6 months, you will also receive additional $TEE tokens and Super Protocol branded stuff.
  4. Proof-of-Skill — Showcase your skills and earn recognition in the Web3 world.
  5. Self-Improvement & Growth — Boost your skills in Web3 with Super Protocol.
  6. Early-bird access — Be the first to receive official releases and upcoming product features of Super Protocol before everyone else.
  7. Networking & Collaborations — Work alongside the Super Protocol core team and attend local events and conferences created by Super Protocol.


  • Being an early supporter of the program demonstrates your belief in the potential of Super Protocol and your commitment to its success.
  • We appreciate your dedication to the program and the impact of your past and future contributions to the ecosystem.
  • Clear and transparent communication about the nature of your work and contributions is crucial for building trust and maintaining a healthy community.
  • The ability to work well with other ambassadors and community members is essential for fostering collaboration and creating a positive experience for everyone involved.
  • Your referrer and any future referrals you make are also important to us as we strive to expand and strengthen our community.
  • We value your efforts in growing an active, engaged community committed to Super Protocol’s success.


  • Complete the Overall Quiz about Super Protocol to show a thorough understanding of Super Protocol’s vision, roadmap, products, and current developments.
  • Possess a range of personal qualities, including passion, perseverance, proactivity, tenderness, good communication skills and quick learning.
  • Be an active member of the Super Protocol community, engaging in regular communication and upholding the values of the community.
  • Have advanced or native-level proficiency in the English language (to maintain the communication with Super Protocol Team).
  • Possess skills in marketing or community management (preferred, but not required).

Apply Now

So what should I do next?

There are two types of Quests that you can use to receive a certain badge: Continuous and One-time

  1. Quests:
  • First Continuous Quest (Basic Ambassador) is obligatory. You can pick only 2 quests from Continuous Quests. You may pick up more, however, only 2 will be considered.
  • One-time quests are optional but pretty exciting, you are permitted to accomplish up to 3 Quests.
  • You can choose the type of C (Continuous) and OT (One-time) quests you want.
  • A maximum of 3 different OT tasks per month can be accomplished.
  • Earn Discord Badges by completing Quests.
  • Each Badge equals a different amount of points.
  • Earn 100 points or more to be promoted to the next level (Specific Badge included).
  • You will need to earn at least 75 next month to keep your level Badge.
  • 3 levels are available: Ambassador 100% Senior 120% Chief 150% rewards. You can also be qualified as Junior Ambassador and receive the same % as Ambassador, however part of the quests will be unavailable for you.
  • The total amount of points required to be qualified for the month is 50/100.
  • Earn 100 points and reach a new level.
  • Double the reward for each point exceeding 100 and increase your rewards by 20% on the next level.
  • If you achieve 100 points, you will get the total rewards. If you achieve only 50, you will get half of the total rewards.
  • The reward pool comes from the Super Protocol Rewards Pool. The reward pool may be increased according to the project development stage and ambassador involvement.
  • Every Participant, who has invited another Ambassador will receive 5% of TEE tokens earned by his invitee.
  • Participation is OBLIGATORY. Failure to achieve at least 50 points for a period of 2 consecutive months will result in the termination of your ambassadorship.
  • Any Junior Ambassador, who reaches at least 50 points for a period of 2 consecutive months, will be promoted to the Ambassador position.
  • Any official Ambassador, who reaches 100 points for a period of 2 consecutive months, will become a Senior Ambassador and after 3 months more — Chief Ambassador.
  • Super Protocol uses to assign roles in our discord.
  • Be careful and remember the Ethereum wallet you are going to use when communicating with us and registering in
  • There is the following list of roles within the Ambassador Program that can be assigned:
  • Junior Ambassador / Ambassador / Senior Ambassador / Chief Ambassador — several roles may be available sequentially, depending on the meeting of the requirements below and mentioned in section 4.
  • DevRel / Facilitator / Partymaker — you can choose 1 role you’re going to fulfill this month and get a badge for the month.
  • Party maker Jr. / Dealer / Hyper / Guide Master / Networker / Influencer / Video Guide Master / Debugger — you can choose up to 3 roles you’re going to fulfill this month and get the badges for the month.
  • A community manager will contact you and assign you the desired roles.
  • Each month, the community managers review and reassign the roles, depending on the achieved goals.
  • The highest role (any Ambassador role) is displayed in Discord, but everyone can see the full list of a participant’s roles by clicking on the bio.
  • Ambassador Levels: Junior Ambassador/Ambassador/Senior Ambassador/Chief Ambassador.
  • All successful applicants to our ambassador program will begin as either a Junior Ambassador or an Ambassador.
  • We will determine your starting position based on the following criteria: experience, knowledge of Super Protocol, skillsets, and English level.

Quest Types and Variety

Please submit your reports via

If you got any questions or suggestions — contact us in Discord right away




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