Super Protocol Test TEE token Promo Staking Event [Guide]

Welcome to TEE Promo Staking Test Event Guide

⚠️ Read carefully and don’t forget to follow all the steps.
The contract is intended for public testing of the program to encourage early participants in the public sale of the TEE token (ERC-20).

Here are the simple steps to follow in order to partake in Super Protocol Promo Staking Event:

1. Install Metamask Extention in your browser
2. Create your own test wallet address to participate in the program

🟢 Attention here! You DO NOT need to connect your actual wallet containing liquid tokens to the test page

3. Now connect your test wallet to the Promo Staking page in order to get Mumbai network settings in place, or go ahead and set up the Mumbai test network inside the Metamask wallet by yourself

Click on “Add Network” and add the following parameters in the blank space.

Network Name: Mumbai Testnet
Chain ID: 80001
Currency Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL: Polygon (MATIC) Blockchain Explorer

4. To receive TEE and MATIC test tokens — join our Discord and start a chat with Super Protocol Test-Faucet Bot.
Find the bot on our Discord server in the Testnet channel or just click here and ask the bot for test tokens.
Type /get into the chat and follow the bot instructions:

A. You will need to post this tweet on your Twitter page:

⚡️I’m Super excited to join public Promo Staking test environment of the very first #decentralized #confidential super cloud — @super__protocol

Now I see Web3 is closer than ever thanks to confidential computing enabled by Super Team

💥 Join me here:

B. Copy the tweet link and send it to bot
C. Bot will also ask for your Polygon-Mumbai wallet address. Copy and paste it into the chat. e.g. 0x
D. After you provide all the information — the bot will send your test tokens to the wallet address you told the bot

Or you can use our Telegram bot if preferable, here is the link:

A. Message /start to the bot
B. Follow the bot instructions

5. To participate in the test program follow the link:
6. Connect your wallet
7. Perform ‘Approve TEE tokens’ operation
8. Perform ‘Staking TEE test tokens’ operation
9. Keep track of your Staking rewards and, if necessary, perform a Compound Rewards operation to increase your rewards

In case of any difficulties or suggestions for potential improvements, please reach out to our team via Discord.

⚠️ And remember! Both TEE and MATIC are test tokens.

Enjoy testing the upcoming TEE token utility features!




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